Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maggie the Beautiful's Story Part 2

      Hello friends this is the second part to Maggie's life story as told by her Mom, Katie. Maggie still needs your prayers and healing light. Please keep her in your heart always.
       I sit here waiting for this next appointment & I think back over how much this child means to me, how much she has given me throughout her short time here on Earth with us, & I can't help but feel blessed by her existence. Once you have met someone so truly special, you never really are the same- all my kids are like that, but this one is the one we are focusing on here, so here is some more about my Maggie Monstar, my sweet girl.
        Maggie is a ray of light, she beams every day- she has energy beyond even the highest limit- if we could bottle this kid, she would have some stellar name like Epic Sunshine, Eternal Blossom, or Unending Passion- She is a one of a kind, not to be forgotten soul. She never forgets you once you meet her, & she would lite...rally jump in front of a speeding train for you if she has decided you are her friend.
She has not a bad word to say about anyone, & usually is the first to stick up for others when she feels like they are being picked on. She is very loyal to you once she friends you. Even when she is hurt, she tries to find excuses for those who hurt her, trying to make it not the persons fault but the fault of situation or circumstance.
I know every parent is proud of their child- I know every one of my kids is my world- but Maggie is that kid to many, many people, & then some. She is wise beyond her years, asks questions and gives reasoning way beyond what knowledge she should have- More to come later.....
      So Maggie's story continues, and this beautiful girl who was sent here to teach us how to love and not judge each other continues to struggle on, never complaining. I want to be more like her.

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My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

What a "love" and what a "mom" she has in YOU. (((hugs)))Pat