Thursday, February 2, 2012

Maggie the Beautiful's Update

       Hello, everyone! Sorry it's taken awhile to update this but as we know Doctors move at their own pace and some of her test took four days for them to come back. And still we don't have many answers yet. I thought I let Katie til you in her own words whats going on.

       "Today we saw the Endocrine specialists at Riley- I must say, I adore the doctors there! So, they did some more blood work, & are checking & double checking everything to make sure that the Calcitonin is the medication they think will work best.

        It looks like we are going to be starting treatment early next week, the doctors at Riley ran some tests that some may take up to a few days to come back- so unless we find a miracle before then, Monday or Tuesday the daily injections will begin. And it will be three months Minimum to evaluate if the shots are preventing further growth, 6 months minimum to see any reduction in size- Thank you to all who have shared love & prayers for Maggie, thank you all so very much"

         From all of us who love Maggie I just want to say thank you so much for praying and sending all of your healing energy to her, we are so very, very grateful to you. And we appreciate you so MUCH!

     Some pictures of Maggie the Beautiful! Her mom Katie, the wonder Mom, makes sure that Maggie has a good life with friends, and fun, laughter and lightness. As normal as she can make it and I personally thinks she she does an awesome job and should be named Mother of the Year!

 Maggie in the hospital

Maggie, see her beautiful eyes? She gets them from her Mommy.

Maggie and her big sister Emma!
Maggie, the tree girl!

Maggie and friend

     Maggie and Mommy, at a wedding, Maggie was a flower girl.

         Just thought I'd share some of Maggie's life with so you can get to know her too, warning you will fall in love with her! Thanks to Jackie Sue(Yellow Dog Grannie) I got the information I needed to put the a donations button up so I will be doing that tomorrow. We are also thinking of starting a bank account for her too, I'll let you know when I know more!

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