Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maggie's Doing Better!!

       Hello everyone! I Have awesome news! The meds are working and the bone is starting to GROW back for MAGGIE!!
      It been so long since I've had anything to say other than she stable! 
     So no she's not out of the woods yet, it is a very good start!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maggie the Beautiful's Story Part 2

      Hello friends this is the second part to Maggie's life story as told by her Mom, Katie. Maggie still needs your prayers and healing light. Please keep her in your heart always.
       I sit here waiting for this next appointment & I think back over how much this child means to me, how much she has given me throughout her short time here on Earth with us, & I can't help but feel blessed by her existence. Once you have met someone so truly special, you never really are the same- all my kids are like that, but this one is the one we are focusing on here, so here is some more about my Maggie Monstar, my sweet girl.
        Maggie is a ray of light, she beams every day- she has energy beyond even the highest limit- if we could bottle this kid, she would have some stellar name like Epic Sunshine, Eternal Blossom, or Unending Passion- She is a one of a kind, not to be forgotten soul. She never forgets you once you meet her, & she would lite...rally jump in front of a speeding train for you if she has decided you are her friend.
She has not a bad word to say about anyone, & usually is the first to stick up for others when she feels like they are being picked on. She is very loyal to you once she friends you. Even when she is hurt, she tries to find excuses for those who hurt her, trying to make it not the persons fault but the fault of situation or circumstance.
I know every parent is proud of their child- I know every one of my kids is my world- but Maggie is that kid to many, many people, & then some. She is wise beyond her years, asks questions and gives reasoning way beyond what knowledge she should have- More to come later.....
      So Maggie's story continues, and this beautiful girl who was sent here to teach us how to love and not judge each other continues to struggle on, never complaining. I want to be more like her.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maggie's First Treatment

       Hello friends, I thought I'd let you know how Maggie's first treatment went, and since I wasn't there I'm going to let her mommy tell you in her own words
      Today went well, it ended up that Bubble *Maggie's little brother wasn't feeling well, & neither was Dah *Elliot's mom, so I spent the day with Maggie at the appointments. I don't mind spending the day with a beautiful girl who makes everyday brighter. Anyway, we began the day with a bone density scan at IU Hospital, then when that was over, we went over to Riley for a long bone study, then finally upstairs to see Lori & Debbie, two of the nicest endo nurses ever- Maggie got injection #1 with no immediate reaction, so we got to come home.

      After we got home, Maggie was sick to her stomach which could be a side effect, but could also be the same "bug" both her little brother had & her Dah suffered with today- so, we are holding off on judgement of what caused the nausea & vomiting.... Praying that it is just from a bug going around & that this medicine isn't going to be a problem~ Thanks everyone for prayers & support- & When we get new news on the results of the tests- I will let you know!!!

      That's all we have for you right now, please continue to keep Maggie in your thought's and prayer's and heart's.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Can You Help Maggie?

       Hello friends, I'm really excited that I got a donation button up for Maggie and her family. The cost of the treatments and the gas to get back and forth to the hospital are adding up fast. I'm not going to nag you or beg you to donate, I want this to come from your heart. I also didn't set a certain amount that you have to donate, if all you can give is a dollar or two we appreciate any amount. Thank you all for your support and prayers and healing light.

                  Help Maggie, send your healing to her.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Mothers Love

        The new update on Maggie is that she goes back to the hospital on Wednesday and starts getting treatments. I'm thankful that they have a way to help her, really I am, but sad that she has to have the treatments at all.
        So I thought maybe it would be good for Katie's stress level and her heaviness of heart if she could talk about Maggie and say whatever she wants, what ever is in her heart. So she did and here is part one.

                             Monstar Maggie, part 1

         So, on October 10, 2003 at 2:14 am this tiny beautiful child was born- 5 pounds of spunk & sweetness- she was born at 37 weeks because I had developed pre-eclampsia & had to be induced. She was small, but healthy. She was a bit jaundiced but nothing major & was a very sweet baby who easily grew & hit all her mile-stones early & was extremely healthy.
She ended up with "Monster" as a nickname because she growled at us instead of cooing like most babies do. I changed it to Mon-STAR when she began to sing songs & dance & she made it very apparent that she was indeed a very attention worthy star. She was so outgoing, still is, but she would not hesitate to go on any adventure, with anyone, anywhere. She has always been a social butterfly who fits in anywhere she ventures.
        She is very smart, & sometimes we wonder where she comes up with the worldly knowledge that she loves to share with whom ever takes the time to listen to her. She has been a constant source of joy & optimism to us & is a very thoughtful & loving girl. She gets her feelings hurt pretty easily sometimes but always bounces back to a positive & bubbly attitude that is infectious.
        As you can see in her pictures- Those eyes melt you, & combined with her smile- light up the darkest of rooms. She loves to sing, & has a way of making each song her very own.

        Until she was two years old, exactly (I am very proud of this point) she had no need for any medication what so ever. She had an ear infection at two but for the most part until just before her fourth birthday when she was diagnosed with Itp- which is a chronic *for her condition in which her body doesn't recognize her platelets as good things & in turn attacks them. A normal persons platelet count is between 150,000 & 400,000. Maggie's usually ranges between 20,000-32,000. So she has to be very careful.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Maggie the Beautiful's Update

       Hello, everyone! Sorry it's taken awhile to update this but as we know Doctors move at their own pace and some of her test took four days for them to come back. And still we don't have many answers yet. I thought I let Katie til you in her own words whats going on.

       "Today we saw the Endocrine specialists at Riley- I must say, I adore the doctors there! So, they did some more blood work, & are checking & double checking everything to make sure that the Calcitonin is the medication they think will work best.

        It looks like we are going to be starting treatment early next week, the doctors at Riley ran some tests that some may take up to a few days to come back- so unless we find a miracle before then, Monday or Tuesday the daily injections will begin. And it will be three months Minimum to evaluate if the shots are preventing further growth, 6 months minimum to see any reduction in size- Thank you to all who have shared love & prayers for Maggie, thank you all so very much"

         From all of us who love Maggie I just want to say thank you so much for praying and sending all of your healing energy to her, we are so very, very grateful to you. And we appreciate you so MUCH!

     Some pictures of Maggie the Beautiful! Her mom Katie, the wonder Mom, makes sure that Maggie has a good life with friends, and fun, laughter and lightness. As normal as she can make it and I personally thinks she she does an awesome job and should be named Mother of the Year!

 Maggie in the hospital

Maggie, see her beautiful eyes? She gets them from her Mommy.

Maggie and her big sister Emma!
Maggie, the tree girl!

Maggie and friend

     Maggie and Mommy, at a wedding, Maggie was a flower girl.

         Just thought I'd share some of Maggie's life with so you can get to know her too, warning you will fall in love with her! Thanks to Jackie Sue(Yellow Dog Grannie) I got the information I needed to put the a donations button up so I will be doing that tomorrow. We are also thinking of starting a bank account for her too, I'll let you know when I know more!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meet Maggie, the Beautiful

       Hello everyone, we put up this blog spot for a few different reasons: 1) Facebook will only let us do so much on the page. 2) We wanted to be able to tell Maggie's story with plenty of room, to show her pictures and her struggle(and her ultimate win over this). 3) My friend Katie is an awesome woman, she would never ask for help. I know her family is going to need it, they probably already do, she has three other children and heck just the gas to get Maggie back and forth to all her many Doctors appointment cost a small fortune.
      Here, I can put up a donations gadgets, we can have sales, raffles, etc. Katie doesn't know it yet, she doesn't understand how wonderful the people in blogger land are. Katie doesn't have a lot of support(well she has me and a few other people),but if it takes a village to raise a child then it takes a whole state to help take care of a very sick child!
       So on the left hand side you will find some pictures of our (she is all of ours now) beautiful Maggie. And in the days to come you will get to know her more and more and we want you to feel free to leave her messages or whatever your heart lends you to do, don't worry if there's something you want to say or need to know but don't want here to see it, I will be copying and then putting it all in a scrap book for her to look at every day or so. Thank You and Blessings to you all!

P.S. Oh in case you do want to go to her fb page and say hi here's the url