Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Mothers Love

        The new update on Maggie is that she goes back to the hospital on Wednesday and starts getting treatments. I'm thankful that they have a way to help her, really I am, but sad that she has to have the treatments at all.
        So I thought maybe it would be good for Katie's stress level and her heaviness of heart if she could talk about Maggie and say whatever she wants, what ever is in her heart. So she did and here is part one.

                             Monstar Maggie, part 1

         So, on October 10, 2003 at 2:14 am this tiny beautiful child was born- 5 pounds of spunk & sweetness- she was born at 37 weeks because I had developed pre-eclampsia & had to be induced. She was small, but healthy. She was a bit jaundiced but nothing major & was a very sweet baby who easily grew & hit all her mile-stones early & was extremely healthy.
She ended up with "Monster" as a nickname because she growled at us instead of cooing like most babies do. I changed it to Mon-STAR when she began to sing songs & dance & she made it very apparent that she was indeed a very attention worthy star. She was so outgoing, still is, but she would not hesitate to go on any adventure, with anyone, anywhere. She has always been a social butterfly who fits in anywhere she ventures.
        She is very smart, & sometimes we wonder where she comes up with the worldly knowledge that she loves to share with whom ever takes the time to listen to her. She has been a constant source of joy & optimism to us & is a very thoughtful & loving girl. She gets her feelings hurt pretty easily sometimes but always bounces back to a positive & bubbly attitude that is infectious.
        As you can see in her pictures- Those eyes melt you, & combined with her smile- light up the darkest of rooms. She loves to sing, & has a way of making each song her very own.

        Until she was two years old, exactly (I am very proud of this point) she had no need for any medication what so ever. She had an ear infection at two but for the most part until just before her fourth birthday when she was diagnosed with Itp- which is a chronic *for her condition in which her body doesn't recognize her platelets as good things & in turn attacks them. A normal persons platelet count is between 150,000 & 400,000. Maggie's usually ranges between 20,000-32,000. So she has to be very careful.

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My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Sending you and Maggie (((hugs)))and Well Wishes.Yes,indeed ! She is a love.